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Country Driveway Services:


Block Paving: we provide high quality block paving with a variety of block choice. Paving is one of the most popular choices for a number of reasons, for example if you have drain that needs access the block can be temporary removed. The groundwork is one of the key elements to a successful lasting driveway which include many factors such as type of base and depth. If the groundwork has been correctly done there is no reason your next drive way could be a case of simply renewing or changing the blocks only. There is many colours and designs with block paving so please speak to us for your perfect requirements.


Concrete Imprint: Concrete imprint is fairly new and has some advantages to the traditional block paving. The price is usually more affordable and the designs have more choose. Some customers are against concrete imprints but then some customers find it fantastic. Discussing these options with our team is recommended due to risk of flood and drainage issues.


Asphalt Surfacing: We provide a number of options from Tarmac to using a high resin bond to securely fix your preferred choose of stone. This option can sometimes be more affordable but selection of this service would be worth discussing with us relating to the size and layout of your driveway.


Driveway Cleaning - Renovation: We also provide driveway pressure washing using our high powered washer along with chemicals that do not harm your block/concrete driveway. We provide this service annually with a 50% discount for every customer who has previously used our any of the above services.


landscape: On most projects the last phase is providing your surrounding areas of Landscape with a fresh a make over. We offer all services relating to Landscape from laying new turf to erecting a new boundary fencing. We can offer you great rates on timber fencing sourced locally to Warwickshire.






Phone: 0333 444 0735